Wednesday, December 8, 2010

The Most Unoriginal Man in the Universe

Making a Music Blog in 2010

Let's just get this into the open right away: this is just another music blog awash in a sea of millions of music blogs. As a general principle I don't even read music blogs. I generally find them pretentious and self-important. Of course now that I've started yet another music blog (I've started and abandoned a couple now, and they were both failures in every respect) I have no doubt that I will soon be huffing my own farts and reviewing albums by bands who haven't even made it out of the garage yet.

I decided to start this foolhardy endeavor because of late it has occurred to me that I enjoy the medium by which I listen to my music almost as much as the music itself. I find it to be a very different experience listening to the same album on different mediums (ie minidisc vs ipod). This being the case, I'm not the sort of person who really bothers with bitrates, lossless formats, tube phono amps, high efficency speakers, lp2 vs lp4, or gold-plated patch cables. I'm just a guy who has been around long enough to have enjoyed records, cassettes, cd's, minidiscs, mp3's, and others I might be forgetting. As nostalgia has gotten a firm hold of me, I find myself drawn to even the deadest of mediums (see: minidisc). Even though I know cassettes sound like pure dung compared to even the most lossy mp3, I'm still not willing to give up on them. Even though my discman is a dinosaur next to my ipod, I still refuse to give it to Goodwill. Hence this blog and its name: dig the medium. I love not only music, but the way it comes to my ears.

I will attempt to write about music as it actually exists in my life. For the most part, this blog will be for my own purposes. In fact, I will be shocked if anyone actually takes the time to read it. I just have ideas in my head and I'll sleep better at night if I toss them out into the universe.